Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crafty Stuff

Lately I have been "showing off" all of the crafty projects my kids have been making. Truth is- they have been much more prolific than me lately! Oldest daughter, being a poverty-stricken college student, made several holiday gifts for her friends this year. She embroidered her room mate's initial onto a piece of wool, and used an embroidery hoop for the frame. Very inexpensive project and easy to do:

For another friend, a plain white mug becomes adorable with the help of ceramic markers found at the craft store:

Apparently, Daughter's room mate is crafty too- this is what she gave Daughter for Christmas:

 She decorated a plain store bought lamp with a veritable bouquet of fabric flowers. Isn't it tres cute??

So now the kids are back in school, I imagine/hope that they will be too busy keeping up with their studies and homework to do a lot of crafty projects. I guess that will be left up to me now....

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