Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Red & Pink

Sadly, the Christmas decorations had to come down this past weekend. But it did give us a chance to start looking forward to the next holiday- Valentine's Day. What I like best about Valentine's Day is all of the pink and red- my two favorite colors. And because taking down the Christmas decorations made the house feel a little empty and bare, fresh flowers were just the thing to brighten up the kitchen table. (and only $3.99 for a pretty little bouquet at Trader Joe's!!)


We also continued our new tradition (just started last year) of a Valentine's Tree. It began last year when the kids wanted to leave up the little Christmas tree in the kitchen, so I told them they could if they decorated it for Valentine's Day.

A few more Red & Pink ideas from the Better Homes and Gardens website to inspire you:


  1. Fabulous idea to decorate a tree with Valentines!

    Love this tradition and your tree is wonderful!

  2. That's so neat...makes me wish I had a table top tree for the kitchen - it would be so cute to have it decorated each holiday!
    Thanks for a lovely post; all the pink and red and flowers are inspiring!



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