Friday, January 20, 2012

Fun Photo Friday

I know this has gone around and around the internet, but the first time I saw it I almost wet myself laughing. I'm honestly not sure if it is real or not, but it's hilarious just the same. If it is real, I can only imagine the time that the Good Samaritan who took this creature in must have had (wonder if he needed a Rabies shot???)
Happy Friday.

 P.S. Dawn at Linen Closet Quilts is giving away a copy of her newest book- it looks beautiful! Make sure you stop by to enter (and tell her I sent you, wink wink).

1 comment:

  1. The scariest part of this...if it is real...doesn't this person know this is not a cat....we country girls worry about city folks sometimes:) I made the mistake of leaving my front door open one spring day while I was working in my flower beds and I found one of these in my kitchen when I came in. It wasn't really very friendly or happy. To say the least I went out and bought a screen door. Thanks for sharing...I too laughed out loud and I am going to share this with the rest of my country friends.



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