Friday, December 21, 2007

Signs of the Season

  The house is fully decorated now. I love Christmas! I have many cherished decorations which get ceremoniously displayed each year. By far, my favorite, favorite is a hand carved and hand painted wooden Santa which I got while on a church missions trip to Russia a few years ago. I paid 2250 rubles for it (about $70 US). Notice the penny I've placed at the bottom of the photo for scale.  Amazing detail- truly a work of art!  I am amazed and humbled when I think of the hours that went into creating this beautiful piece.

russian santarussian santa face closeuprussian santa back russian santa back closeup


I have had a collection of Santas for many years now, and he was definitely a fantastic addition.

large santa collection  small santa collection

santa elf santa elf closeup

The stockings are hung from the staircase, instead of the mantle...

(Our dog, Daisy, has her own stocking, of course....)

mantle stockings on stairway

And for the first time, I have my very own little Christmas tree in my studio- so cute!

studio christmas tree

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