Monday, December 3, 2007

What is Punchneedle?

Punchneedle embroidery has been gaining popularity in the past few years because it is so simple to do. Punchneedle embroidery is also sometimes called Russian needle punch embroidery, or needle punch embroidery.It is done with a special tool called a punchneedle, which creates loops on the fabric surface, and the design is actually worked from the backside of the piece. If you are familiar with wool rughooking, it is kind of like that, but on a much smaller scale and using a different kind of tool.It is really simple, even for someone who does not sew.For my samples, I use an Igolochkoy punchneedle tool. There are other kinds but this is the one that I prefer.

If you are like me and tend to "collect" hobbies, this is one to try! The projects tend to be pretty small in size,so it's very portable. Even though it is simple to do, it yields really beautiful results, and the projects can be used for pillows,wallhangings, appliqued onto clothing and home decor items, made into pins, etc. It is quite inexpensive to get started. Hand-dyed embroidery threads give a lovely variegated look to your project, but can get expensive. I use regular DMC embroidery floss (extremely inexpensive)and vary the thread colors to achieve the variegated look.

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