Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Almost Done!

There's still a couple of days left to enter the Really Remarkable Giveaway- CLICK HERE TO ENTER. (And I still like alliteration...)

The baby quilt is almost done- it's all pieced and machine quilted, now I've just gotta get the binding done. Here is a little preview, I hope to get the binding done tonight and then I can post the whole thing tomorrow. I gotta say, this is one of my very favorites that I've done, and it came together fairly quickly. I'll try to get the free pattern up here, soon, too.

I thought I'd show off a wool table runner that I made a few years back. Originally, I made it to put out just for fall, but actually it stays out almost all year, because I like it so much. The pattern is from the Cottage Threads Book by Need'l Love, I think it may still be available, click here to go to the Need'l Love website.

It is cool and clear and feeling like fall here, all the windows are open. I'm trying to figure out what to make for dinner- for some reason I just can't think of a thing to make. I feel like making something that says "fall," but I don't know what. Any ideas?


  1. Looking forward to seeing the baby quilt. I love to work with wool and so I can see why you would keep the wool runner out all year long. What's for dinner? Maybe chili would be good. I make mine by starting with a can of Hormel Turkey Chili, add a can of tomato sauce, then a can each of pork and beans, great northern beans, kidney beans (light and dark), and a can of butter beans (drain the beans). Then I add a pound of cooked hamburger. I sort of "steam slow cook" my ground beef by putting it in a covered skillet or saucepan and cooking it slowing until it is done. I season it with salt, pepper and some finely diced onion bits. By slow cooking it and also draining off any grease as it cooks, I end up with really tasty meat in the chili. I mix the bean mixture with the cooked hamburger and bring it just to a "bubble" and then it's ready to serve. It's great with big slices of cornbread!

  2. Love that table it, love it!

    And the baby quilt is very pretty too!

    It's feeling cooler here, but tonight is a church night, so we're getting grilled cheese and soup. I've been thinking of making Taco soup as it has gotten cooler.

    Have a great Weds!

  3. I so can't wait to see the baby quilt finished! It is beautiful!!

  4. I love your baby quilt, what gorgeous fabrics!!!
    We're just leaving our winter behind so I'm starting to think up meals for warmer weather!! Hmmm, dinner - LOL I'm just thinking about brekkie as it's 6.20 a.m here ;o). Bacon and cauliflower soup [[yummm]] is always a hit with my lot when it's cooler though ... happy to email the recipe if you'd like it.



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