Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Promise to Never Forget.....

"American Banner" by Michael Belden

Old Glory you wave o'er the Land of the Free,
Home of the Brave
Sweet Liberty.
Old Glory you stand for the whole world to see
The price we will pay
For Democracy.

Old Ribbon transcending the mortal design
Your standard the stalwart to which we attain,
Our Allegiance inviolate, our legacy divine
Reliant in battle, defiant in flame
American Banner, the red, white and blue.

Old Ribbon unfolding against every wind's sweep;
Your bountiful, beautiful banner yet waves;
The crack of your furl in the voice that you speak
The resolute accord of our inalienable brave.

There are moments in time our nation cries;
Mourning together our great sacrifice
For our fallen in battle
For our terrorized skies
Paid for forever by the blood of their lives.

There are those whose salute you laid down to rest,
Sown out of beauty, reaping the wind
Stolen in glory in tyranny's quest
God Bless America, freedom manifest.

And the stars in your heaven united they sing
Exalted, ennobled, in grandeur they ring;
Emblazoned in Gallantry, arrayed in love,
Defined by the fire, made whole by the blood.

And the shining light that your stars refine,
And your stripes united in defining line,
And your colors brilliant beyond all time,
Resplendent, ascending, sublime.

From the ocean deeps to star light years,
From the reaches of space to the wall of tears,
From the rages of war to a lasting peace,
Glory, Oh Glory, may you long increase.

Oh Liberty sweet, forlorn and alone,
We honor and defend you abroad and home;
In war's raging fury we will strike down our foe,
That our peace be healed and our love made whole.

And your Stars forge lightning against the sky
And your Stripes in union peal a thunder bay
And your might and your valor
With the last words to say
God Bless America; God Bless the USA.

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