Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lots of Pins

Today I am making pins- lots and lots of pins. I tried to take some photos, but they weren't coming out, so I asked my 13 year old daughter, who happens to be very handy with the camera to give it a try. She got right to it and soon came back with these, and she has put me to shame......

These are all her photos, I didn't bother to put mine up because mine are actually pretty stinky. Thank goodness I have her around. I am thinking she should just skip school and come work for me. I can't afford to pay her in cash, but I could give her room and board (hey wait a minute, I already do that....) Well anyway, she is worth every penny that I cannot afford to pay her.With her dad's encouragement, she has started her own photoblog. She has a great eye and I can't wait to see how her artistic talents develop in the next few years.
Today was her first day of school and now she gets to "rule the school"(her school goes K-8th grade.) However, after 13 of years of having the bus stop in front of our house, they have moved the bus stop to about 1/2 mile down the road. There is no side walk (actually, not even a shoulder, since we live in a fairly rural area), so I now have to drive to the bus stop twice a day. Not so bad when the weather is decent, but when it is raining or snowing, I tend to stay in the house as much as possible. I have been so spoiled. Also, the intersection where the bus stop is doesn't really seem to be a safe place for a bus stop (this morning a car passed the bus while it was stopped there to pick her up), so we'll have to see how this goes.
Even though I miss her and my college co-ed daughter while they are at school, I must admit it is kind of nice to get back into a routine. This summer I did way too much sleeping in and slacking off. I actually enjoyed being up and showered and dressed by 7 am today (we will see how long this lasts..........)


  1. I like the picture of the pins all gathered. Very pretty! What are the pins for?

    My baby who is a Sr in HS this year has to be at school at 6:50 so I am up with you!! I do like routine!

  2. Wow, she does have a great eye! Glad you are starting to settle into a routine. We are finding our routine too!

  3. I make the pins and sell them on my website and donate the money to charity to buy sheep for poor families around the world.
    Thanks for asking!

    PS Click on the link above to get to my website, if you'd like- I don't know how to do the HTML in this comment section :)

  4. Thanks!! I will and what a great idea!! Thanks for doing this!

  5. oh those are so so a lover of handwork..these are great.
    did you cut them all out by hand or die cut?

  6. went to check out the pins...great idea..... wool for wool...I like that....

    wow.... that kid does have a good eye and take some great pics...



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