Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Giveaway For My Henchmen

My pal Suzanne at Painter of the Past has introduced me to a new blogspot feature called "Followers." (There is a link on the right sidebar.) To set this thing up, you have to give it a title- I'm not sure I like the term "followers," it does kind of remind me of a cult, or at least a band of marauding misguided youth. I looked up the term "follower" in the thesaurus, and this is what I found in the way of possible labels for you folks who may want to sign on:


Oooooohhh, Henchman, I kind of like that, but I'm not sure that that is completely appropriate.
So, I have decided to go with "Fellow Artsy Folks," because I figure that if you're reading this blog, you probably have a propensity (boy, I am full of big words today) toward creativity, even if you don't consider yourself an artist per se. And being creative makes you an artist. And if the word artist intimidates you, at least consider yourself to be artsy. So there it is- a really long explanation for the title that I have chosen for this little tiny bit of my blog. I am drained. Being so detail oriented and obsessive compulsive (narcissistic????) can be exhausting, at times....

So anyway, in an attempt to build up my number of followers, I mean, Fellow Artsy Folks, I am going to do a give away for anyone who signs on as a Fellow Artsy Folk between now and midnight EDT September 18th. (It has come to my attention that you can only be a follower/cult member/fellow artsy folk if you have a Blogger account, so if you don't, and you'd still like to be entered in the giveaway, leave a comment here.)

That's right- basically I am trying to buy friends!!! But I promise to make it really FABULOUS and worth your while. Once I figure out what I am giving away, you will be the FIRST to know......

UPDATE: I have decided on the theme for my giveaway- I am still hunting/gathering, I will probably have a photo of the goods up tomorrow, so check back. Here is a (big) hint-



  1. Oh dear...."henchmen"?? "Followers" does sound very "cult-esque". Lol! Ok, I just signed up to be one of your new "groupies", uh, I mean one of your fellow artsy folks!

    And I LOVE your new profile photo!

  2. Your site is such fun to visit! I think I will "follow the leader" as well.

  3. I was just wandering around and found your blog, I would love to be a Henchwoman, you blog is very nice.
    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  4. I like 'followers'. Henchmen, well that sounds a bit goth to me, but interesting. But the name of your blog is what caught my interest. It told me something about you that we have in common. I love that passage too. I would love to post a link to your blog on my blog with your permission.

  5. Henchmen a nice interesting word, I like it, but I like the idea of your blog, the title says everything. To try to do good to all and to be a good wife and please the Lord in all our acts. Thank you that is very inspired and brave. I try to please my Lord every day too.
    Thank you and yes I will be a part of your blog. 8-)

  6. oh, your blog so lobvely to look around, and the name gourios.
    hope ypu understand my little englisch ;-))
    much greetings

  7. I would love to be one of your "followers"! Ha! I would love to be entered in your give away! I love your blog.

  8. You have a great blog!!! Your Christmas goodies look wonderful!! Cathy

  9. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful site and fantastic giveaway. I have signed on to be a follower too. I think it is very wonderful.

  10. I have just found your blog and can't wait to browse through all the wonderful goodies you have to read!! Im heading over to sign up to be a follower first though! Blessings!

  11. I want to be a "henchman" I love your blog. Thanks.


  12. Hi I sure would love to join you all; Thanks so much; those are sure lovely things to have for the holidays! Merrie

  13. I don't have a blogger blog, but I would love to participate.

    I love your daughters photo's of the flowerfeltpins, ..and I love the pins too.

  14. Hi,
    I am now a fellow "groupie", henchman...call me whatever, just don't call me late for supper! Love your blog, will link this giveaway on my blog.


  15. Please count me in on your giveaway!

  16. What a wonderful giveaway, I would love to use the items for my Christmas projects!

  17. I am a fan, follower, fun finder, frugal frog, flapper, fellow friend. Love your blog.

  18. Hello, I follow your blog when I get a chance. I like the fact that I have a christian friend out there. I would love to be considered for your giveaway.

  19. I am a "follower" too. What a great giveaway. What a wonderful site.



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