Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm "It"

Suzanne at Pear Tree Primitives has tagged me- problem is- all the answers are supposed to be only one word! Yikes! OK I will warn you, I have NEVER been good at following directions. So we'll just see how this goes...

1) Where is your cell phone? Purse

2) Where is your significant other? Sofa

3) Your hair color? Brown

4) Your mother? Fun

5) Your father? Generous

6) Your favorite thing? Chocolate, Music, Art, Laughing with my family....

7) Your dream last night? I was a hostage in a bank robbery- it's OK, I escaped and called the police...

8) Your dream/goal? Feeding kids (OK, let me explain that one, since it seems I have spent my life feeding my kids, my husband, my pets- what I would really love to do some day is travel to Africa or Asia and just scoop porridge and put it into their bowls. Really, I would love to do that.)

9) The room you're in? Family

10) Your hobby? Many

11) Your fear? Time (too much or too little)

12)Where do you want to be in 6 years? #8

13) Where were you last night? Home

14) What you're not? Skinny (see first part of #6)

15) One of your wish-list items? White LaCreuset Dutch Oven

16) Where you grew up? Jersey

17) The last thing you did? Email

18) What are you wearing? Cargo pants, Tshirt

19) Your TV? "Heroes"

20) Your pet? Demanding

21) Your computer? Friend/enemy

22) Your mood? Tired

23) Missing someone? Sam

24) Your car? Dirty

25) Something you're not wearing? Snowshoes

26) Favorite store? Quilt

27) Your summer? Relaxing

28) Someone you love? God/Family

29) Your favorite color? All

30) The last time you laughed? Today

31) Last time you cried? Don't remember (I don't cry much...)

I think I did pretty good with my one-word answers, even though I have this desire to go back and give an explanation for a lot of them, but I will resist.

Now it is my turn to tag someone- Kate and Brenda, - You're IT!


  1. I think you did wonderful too! have a blessed day.

  2. What a great made me laugh on the snowshoes..and how wonderful that you want to 'Feed The Children'.


  3. Snowshoes---you make me smile....

  4. Great list! Thanks for playing along....snowshoes? are they a normal part of your wardrobe in winter? :)

  5. Hi Jacquelynne,

    There were a couple of posts for the giveaway, one a fair bit down on the page with 49 comments attached to it. Really, you are the winner! Check right here in the comments:

    I just put up a new post with your name in as the winner, so I cant take it back now:)

    I was trying to email you, but it kept coming back, so I thought that I would post here.

    Wooly hugs,




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