Monday, October 13, 2008

Working Weekend at the Beach

My parents have owned a beach house on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia for years, but Dad is tired of taking care of it and wanted to sell it. My husband and I just couldn't bear the thought of losing the place where our family has made so many wonderful memories over the years, so we recently purchased it (kind of scary with the economy the way it is right now). So now we get to carry another mortgage, but we also have a new place to redecorate (totally worth it!). We went down to the beach house for the long weekend to do some much needed redecorating. This is a "before" of the bedroom my husband and I usually stay in. Very small and dark.
There were a couple of layers of wallpaper that needed to be stripped. I mentioned that I kind of liked the "antique" look of the old wallpaper...
My husband refers to this look as "Early Parisienne Flophouse." Kind of takes the romance away, don't you think?
But we repainted and switched the beds to make a little more room. It is now so bright and cheery, everyone wants this to be their room.(By the way, I hate that the shades were uneven when this photo was taken....)
I started with the bedspread (from Target) and chose pink and green paint to match. Everyone thought my pink was too bright, but I knew it would look great. I painted a wicker chair ivory and started to repaint the dresser the same ivory, but I ran out of paint. Now the room just needs some art for the walls, and I need to finish repainting a dresser and it's done.
One bedroom down, 3 more to go (plus the living room.)


  1. It looks so pretty! You are going to be so glad you didn't let your family cottage get away.

  2. That looks beautiful! I can see why everyone is wanting that room! What a great place to get away too!

  3. What fun, Jacquelynn, to have a beach house. Bedroom number one looks great! It'll be fun to see the others as you get them done! I really like the color scheme in the room and would find it a nice room to spend a night in, I am sure! :-)

  4. What a wonderful thing to be able to keep a family treasure within your possession! It would have been very hard to let go of that kind of thing. Bravo! And what fun. I love your choice of decor. Have fun.

  5. You lucky thing!!! That would be a dream. Our dream is either a beach house or lake house. I am so proud for you! You did a great job on the painting.

  6. Ha Ha! Early Parisienne Flophouse!!
    Made me smile. :)

  7. Wow! What a fun place to unleash your talents! Love the new look of the room, but I kinda liked the "Early Parisienne Flophouse"-esque wallpaper too! Cute!

  8. Jacquelynne,
    I'm so thrilled to hear you got to keep the family beach house in the family! What a wonderful job you did on this room! It is just beautiful-I look forward to seeing what else you do~♥

  9. How much fun!!! To have a beach house!! I like the bedcover!! I love pink!! How far from the beach are you??? Need any visitors?

  10. Jacquelynne,

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and entering my GIVEAWAY, called Share the Love! You are the winner:)
    If you would like to email me at I can get the heart penny rug kit in the mail to you this week.

    I just love your blog, and the work that you do, you are so talented.

    Wooly hugs,

  11. Hi, I'm new to your blog. It was fun reading about the beach house you just bought from you parents. Good investment. I have a little condo in Rehoboth Beach DE. and I love it. Yesterday, a friend invited me and our other girlfriends to her cottage on the river. Come visit my blog and read about our day and see her decorating. It's so fun to see what others do. Your bedroom looks very cheerful. I did like that wallpaper though, it looked very historic, and Williamsburg, but maybe too dated for you. Enjoy it. I know you will.



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