Monday, October 20, 2008

Prettiest Pumpkin

This weekend was our county's annual Great Pumpkin Carve to benefit Meals on Wheels (an organization that delivers meals to the elderly and shutins.) I figured it would be fun to do- I did, however, underestimate how long it would take to carve a 150 lb. pumpkin. Or how much my back and arms would ache the next day.... I actually hadn't planned on doing it, but I found out the night before that they had some people back out and needed some additional carvers, so I signed on....

The inside of the pumpkin all has to be scraped away- there were buckets of pumpkin guts...
I started carving at 8 am, finished at about 3 pm (yeah, I know, 7 hours to carve a pumpkin- who knew?) There were people who were done way before me- the fact that I did the entire thing with an Xacto knife probably had something to do with it. If I do this next year, I will invest in some better tools...My typical themes- flowers, butterflies- most of the other pumpkins were more Halloween themed.

In the end, I managed to walk away with the prize for Prettiest Pumpkin (I think the last time I won something was a coloring contest in Kindergarten...)
My daughter and 2 of her friends did a pumpkin based on their favorite book....
There were hayrides and facepainting and lots of homemade pumpkin baked goods. But we couldn't leave without having some funnel cake...
Well, now, I have a big pile of beautiful wool calling my name. Happy Monday!


  1. Well, I would have to agree...that is the Prettiest pumpkin I've seen in a long time! Congratulations! Isn't it nice when all your hard work pays off in the end?


  2. Oh my goodness Jacquelynne!
    What started out to be the perfect pumpkin (I do agree with you just perfect) ended up being a masterpiece! Great job-I love it! And I would have given you the award/prize for the prettiest pumpkin too. And what a great benefit too boot!
    Have a blessed week,

  3. I found you through 'bettys blocks'...I am glad I have the best pumpkin I have ever seen!! That is great! it needs to be on Better Homes and Gardens or something!! very cute...way more festive than a face with 'boo!' or something!! :)

  4. NO way...It can't be true??? You have a daughter old enough to be in college? Hello? You look too young!
    My son is the last one out of 5 so I am really going to take avantage of this wonderful drivers license!

  5. Well, Robin, you are very, very kind. I am 42. I used to Hate It and roll my eyes when people used to think my mom was my sister..... But now I am starting to appreciate her genes....

  6. That is one fantastic pumpkin...well done!

  7. What a gorgeous pumpkin carving! You did a great job! My daughter loves to carve the pumpkin, it's become a tradition!

  8. Awesome pumpkin!

    You asked about the fudge?

    It is at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Ronks. I don't know how you would go about getting it if you weren't going to the maze...I guess you could just ask to buy fudge...

    It is wonderful.

    Thanks for popping by today.

    Becky K.

  9. Love it! Yeah, 8 hours sounds about right for me too. It's that old crafting gene!!

  10. That is the prettiest pumpkin!!
    congrats on winning!

  11. Your pumpkin carving art is so beautiful. I can't imagine the time it must have taken. It is very pretty indeed. Love your blog Jacquelynne.
    Have a great week. ~ Carolyn

  12. I cannot believe oyu made pumpkin carving look that good! And a 150lb. pumpkin!!!

    Hey (per your comment on my blog) I am praying for your daughter...friendship can be complicated.

  13. That was a gorgeous pumpkin.Thank you for dropping by your comment made me giggle.You have a great blog going back to look at more fennel cake yummy.
    hugs ginger

  14. Oh, that is the prettiest pumpkin! Actually, it's just the prettiest pumpking I have ever seen! I am going to buy one small pumpkin as I remember too well just how long it can take to clean then carve those pumpkins. Mine won't be fancy but hopefully the neighbor kids will enjoy it. Yum, I could go for some funnel cakes right now!!

  15. Your pumpkin was lovely and so beautiful when lit from inside too. ... I'm glad I had a chance to read on down through your blog to learn about your new project - the house at the shore. I'd seen Chris' photos but now I know that while he was 'playing' photographer, you were painting. (grin) Bless you both for stepping out on faith to take on the place that makes your hearts sing. ... Warm hugs, Judy

  16. Well, Congratulations on your Prettiest Pumpkin award! That IS the prettiest pumpkin I've ever seen! So cute, and your extra hard work and attention to detail really paid off!
    Sorry about your back though.

  17. I've just been reading your blog. I LOVE the pumpkin!!! Maybe you'll have a chance to feel just a couple of days...maybe. Laurie



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