Thursday, December 18, 2008

Are You Ready?

Christmas is just one week away! Oh my goodness- I feel like I've barely gotten started!
Today, my daughter made up a huge batch of sugar cookie dough. Tomorrow we will roll out and bake the cookies, and then in the evening, some of the kids' friends will come over for a cookie decorating party. Saturday will also be devoted to baking. There will be a family trip on Tuesday, either to a local mansion/museum all done up for Christmas, or maybe we will go into the city of Philadelphia for some holiday sights and sounds. Shopping is mostly done, sometime in the next week the wrapping will get done, as well as sitting down to some of our favorite traditional Christmas movies (like A Christmas Story). Christmas eve will find us at church, and then a quiet evening at home with the family.

Phew!- are you ready!?!

Here is what the "elves" have been up to at our house:

Below is the lovely ornament that I got in the Great Ornament Exchange over at Kate's blog, The Accidental Traveler. It is right on the front of the tree. This was sent by Michelle.

Some winter greenery and red ball ornaments in assorted containers make an easy and elegant centerpiece for the table.

I also put greenery in assorted silver and pewter containers to dress up the fireplace mantle. I love the traditional look to it.
Candy in some of my favorite glassware makes a simple display on the hutch.

Hope everyone is enjoying the preparations and not stressing too much. When you start to feel overwhelmed, remember that Jesus is the reason for the season! Perfectly decorated homes and ornately wrapped gifts mean nothing next to the meaning of Christmas- God sent His Son because He loves us so. My favorite name for God is Emmanuel, which means, our God is with us.

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. It does seem to be sneaking up on me this year. We haven't baked yet. I need to get the candles done and then clean that there is space and no worries about candle flavored

  2. Glad you like the ornament!

    All your decorations and talk of festivities make me happy! Your house must be a fun one...especially this time of year :)

  3. What a gorgeous ornament you received!! Today my daughter and I were talking about how when it gets to this point before Christmas when some things will get done and others won't and know one will ever be the wiser!! I love all the decorating, always have but it's like the fluff or the icing and not the real thing. Keeping the reason of the season in perspective is the best thing to do.........We will all be in church on Christmas Eve and I'll be singing two favorite solos. I love to sing.

  4. Hello, I am new to your blog, and I just wanted to say that I love the pewter containers, they look so lovely with the greenery in them.

  5. Hope you are enjoying the Christmas cookie decorating. We may do some of that done this week. And we will definitely watch 'A Christmas Story'!
    Your ornament is beautiful, a reminder of what Christmas is all about.

    kiss from Italy


  7. Everything looks so great and Christmasy in your home!
    I love that ornament! WOW!
    With the weather and the baby this Christmas isn't like any other but it has been a great lesson. It's okay not to get everything done or have "everything" decorated.
    It is all about Jesus and I would be lost without him! Thank you so much for your prayers-They meant so much to me!
    Have a very very Merry and blessed Christmas,

  8. All my baking is done. . . & I am happy to say that I am ready. But then. . . I feel like celebrating the reason for the season everyday! xo, Bren



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