Friday, December 5, 2008

Free Pattern and Christmas Decorating Part Deux

A little gift from me to you- a free pattern/tutorial to make this tote. I embroidered the bird, appliqued it to some adorable striped fabric, added some ribbon and buttons, and made it into this tote. CLICK HERE for the tutorial in PDF format.

We had a little "Christmas calamity" around here this afternoon. I was on the phone and heard a crash- ran into the family room- to find the tree on the floor, along with a pile of lights and broken ornaments. I'm not sure if it just came out of the stand, or if maybe the cat "helped" it onto the floor. In kitty's defense, I didn't see her around, but maybe she just ran really fast when she saw what she'd done! Thank goodness my daughter was home early from school, because there is no way I could have uprighted it myself. Right now it is in the stand (kind of), tied to the window frame till hubby comes home to break out the tool box and work his magic on a very crooked tree. We had to remove all of the lights and ornaments from the floor and what was left on the tree, sweep broken glass from the floor, wipe up the water that came out of the stand.... What a mess! Now we have to decorate the tree all over again. Oh, well. I guess tonight will be Christmas Decorating- Part Deux.


  1. Thank you for the tutorial and your always williness to share your talents with others. I love the fabric that you used. Erika

  2. Thank you for the tote pattern. I love it!

  3. Oh, Jacquelynn, I laughed when I read about your tree because it happened to my daughter and the cats (she has two) were the culprits!!! They were just kitties - Emmet and Marty (from Back to the Future) - and oh, they were so naughty!! They're older now and to big to climb up into the tree but I was there the other day and Marty was trying to eat the lights. Poof, could have been the scene from "Christmas Vacation". Hope nothing sentimental was lost in the crash. Thanks for the bag pattern and tutorial, plus I really like the little peppermint candy tree. How cute and easy it would be to do!! I have a two year stash of hard candy, candy canes and such that I am going to use in a gingerbread house next year. It won't be edible, just for show. I made one years ago but have plans for a really good-sized one and will get the whole family involved in this one!! Thanks for being such regular visitor to my blog!!!

  4. Hi Jacquelynn!
    For one thank you for the tote pattern-I wish I came over here before yesterday because I JUST bought a tote pattern yesterday afternoon! I like yours SO much better! The bird is so whimsical I just love how you put it all together and the fabric you used.
    Yesterday my husband and I were moving back our tree. He brings it into the house and lets me decorate it before we move it back in it's corner. Well, I thought for sure it was going to fall and it's a huge 11 foot tree-Thank God it didn't. My husband tied a rope around the tree and secured it to our baseboard (he will puddy it later) I feel so bad for you guys because I know how much time it takes to decorate a tree! I'm so glad to hear your daughter is home!
    Merry Christmas,

  5. Oh I'm sorry about your tree! Were the broken ornaments special ones?

    Your tote design is wonderful!

  6. Thank you so much for the pattern gift! I love the sweet bird and the tote is adorable, beautiful colors!

  7. Hi Jacquelynn, the tote is adorable! And that is "sew" (sorry!) sweet of you to share the pattern. Sorry about the tree, hope hubby worked his magic and everything is in place now.

  8. Hello, Thank you very much for the tote bag pattern. I hope your tree is in an upright position now. We had the same problem about two years ago. We spent Christmas away and someone was looking after the cat and she said everytime she came to feed him she was rescueing our christmas tree. Happy days.

  9. This is adorable...will print up the pattern asap..thanks for sharing..

  10. Hello!
    I was wanting to welcome you over to Hospitality Lane to enter a fun contest/giveaway...
    Hope your tree is all back together and standing tall.



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