Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sweet Treats for Christmas

After a busy, busy Thanksgiving weekend (putting up the decorations and the tree, doing a little shopping) I came down with a really bad cold. It was so bad at the beginning of the week, with fever and chills and achy muscles, that I thought I had the flu. But now I am starting to feel better, though my sinuses still feel sore and I'm still kind of tired.

I have mangaged to work on some quick Christmas decorations for a demo I am doing for a church group in a few days. I got some red and green starlight mints (only a dollar a bag at Walmart) and hot glued them to a styrofoam cone to make a festive little tree. I left the wrappers on, but I did cut the little ends of the wrappers off, so they wouldn't stick out. Then I glued a couple of candy canes on the front for a finishing touch. You could do a whole little forest of these, using different sizes of cones, and making some trees all red and others all green and some with both red and green like I did here.

I also found these fun little treats at the Christmas Tree Shop, they really kind of take me back.

Do you remember these old-fashioned candies? I remember my grandparents always had a bowl out when I went over to visit, Grandpa (who's been gone for about 2 years now) always had a sweet tooth. (Thankfully, Grandmom is still with us.)And do you remember these ribbon candies? So vintage looking- I plan on putting them out in a pretty dish as a decoration on Christmas eve ('cause they'll probably only last a few hours!)
I'm so glad that somebody is still making these- they really bring back memories.


  1. Oh my...those candies sure do take me back. I love the ribbon candy...yummmm!


  2. I like your tree!

    I am old enough (48) to remember the filled candy and the ribbon candy. My Aunt Gladys always had that out along with fudge, divinity and peanut brittle. But you know what, my mom never said to only eat one or that is enough like I would if it was my kids. I guess I wasn't wild when hyped up on sugar!! LOL

  3. I was noticing vintage candy somewhere I was this week. Funny, I remember seeing a can of the hard candies but I don't remember where I was.

    I love the tree idea. That would be soooo cute. Maybe I'll make some for our ladies tea.

  4. Sometimes I wonder if we are somehow related!?!
    My Grandpa had a sweet tooth also and would yell out to me, "Robbie Anne-bring me some of those hard candies!" I can still hear those words as if they were said just yesterday (and he is the only one I would allow to call me Robbie Anne) :) He passed away many years ago but my Grandmother is alive too, she is 91 years old.
    I bought that ribbon candy last year-I do love it!
    Hope you are having a great week,
    P.S. your candy trees turned out adorable!

  5. So sorry you've been feeling icky, glad you are better. Playing with candy must have helped :-)
    The ribbon candy is so pretty and Yummy!



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