Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get the Insulin Ready....

We took my daughter to a chocolate buffet at Winterthur Museum over the weekend to celebrate her birthday. Everything had a chocolate theme, including chocolate ravioli in cream sauce and pork loin with ancho and chocolate gravy. Everything was yummy!

It was a real diet buster!!! Afterwards, a nice long walk through the gardens was in order. Fortunately, the weather was a lovely 57 degrees, quite a nice change from the 20's and 30's here lately.Daughter has also been planning her birthday cake for this coming weekend. She has already been working on the gum paste flowers. She learned how to do it from the internet. Amazing!

I spent last evening doing a presentation and trunk show for the lovely ladies (and gentleman!) at the Love Apple Quilt Guild in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I talked about how I started my quilt design business and also about the pins that I make for charity. I had a great time and met some wonderful people. I had to speak in front of a larger group than I was used to, there were probably close to a hundred people. But it all went well, and I was hardly nervous at all. I guess it is easy to let your worries go when you get caught up talking about something you love.

And finally, a reminder that the Tickled Pink Quilt Pattern and 2 designs of heart notecards from my website are on sale for the month of February. Click on the photos for the direct link to my site.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. My goodness..the chocolate buffet....i'm drooling just looking at the pictures!

    Look at those lovely gum paste!!! beautiful!


  2. Those flowers look lovely! I love your pear painting in your profile pic too.

  3. Happy Birthday 'Daughter'!!
    Great job on the roses!! AMazing!

  4. Wow! Your daughter is talented too!

    That is very awesome!

  5. Those are beautiful flowers you daughter made...Happy 14th Birthday to her!
    Sounds like a fun time at the museum!

  6. Wow...I see the apple didn't fall far from the tree...Your daughter is beautiful and talented!
    Hope she had a great birthday!

    Sounds like you are just stepping out with that "speaking in public" deal...Good for you! Way to step out of your comfort zone!



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