Wednesday, June 22, 2011

British Country Living and Cotton Floss- oh yeah!

Vacation is nice, but then you come home to this:

Piles of mail to be sorted through! (To be honest, it was a fairly small pile, compared to what I usually come home to. Thank goodness.) However, I have forgiven the mail carrier this time, because the giant pile included something so wonderful.
First, my latest issue British Country Living- love it!!! (and you all know how I feel about magazines! By the way- I managed to read my stockpile while at the beach last week... bliss... I even read some of my magazines twice.) I tell you, I am a sucker for a beautiful cover, and this magazine does it to me every time, I just want to walk into this photo and live there....  (Oooo- wouldn't that be a cool Super Power to have- walk into a photo- Hello, British countryside in the summer! Hello, Tahiti! Hello, South of France! OK I'm getting distracted now...)

And even better, a package from Natalie in Australia:

Natalie of Cinderberry Stitches has just released her first book, called Cotton Floss, and she was so kind to send me a copy (autographed!) If you are familiar with and love her style, you won't be disappointed with this book. It is just darling! It contains lots of Natalie's signature adorable embroidery designs: little fairy girls, owls, mushrooms.... And of course you will love Natalie's bright and cheery color palettes. It's hard to choose a favorite project, but I guess I would have to pick the Market Folk Quilt, with it's fun fabrics and completely lovely embroidery designs. Make sure you grab a copy of this book and settle down with a cup of tea for an afternoon of poring and perusing. I'm sure you will love it like I do.


  1. British CL ~ s i g h, wish we could get subscriptions here at a fair price. Brits prob wish the same about the U.S. edition:) Always wanting what we can't have lol. Really enjoy your posts, thx!

  2. I have long prefered the British Country Living to our version. I usually pick it up at B & N when I am prowling the magazines. Natalie's new book looks fantastic. Sounds like you had a great vacation.



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