Friday, June 10, 2011

Cheap Chic: Fabric Covered Photo/Print Mat

I was in a furniture store a few months ago and saw some framed prints that I really liked for the beach house, but they were too expensive. I determined that "I can make that!" (How many times have we all said that? How often do we go home and Actually Make It??) This is a super simple, quick project that will add texture and interest to any photo or print you want to mat and frame.

I went online and found some reproduction prints of old sketches of sea shells. They were only $10.00 each at I got inexpensive mats and frames at Michael's, and some textured fabric at JoAnn's to cover the mats. I chose a fabric that reminded me of burlap or sea grass, since my prints were beach related. Here is how I did it:
Cut a piece of fabric that is about 1/2" to 1" larger than the outside dimensions of your mat. Place mat right side down on wrong side of fabric. Use a ruler to draw lines from corner to corner on the wrong side of the fabric. Then, draw a box that is 1/2" from inner edge of mat.

Cut fabric on lines, including the diagonal lines at the corners.

Tape 2 opposite sides of the fabric to the wrong side of the mat. (If your print or photo is an original, or is valuable, make sure to use acid free tape.)

Tape the remaining sides of fabric to the mat. You want the fabric to be pretty taut, but try not to stretch it.

Tape 2 opposite sides of the outside edges of fabric to the mat. Tape the remaining 2 sides, folding under the corners as if you were wrapping a present.

Place matted print in frame, hang, and enjoy!


  1. This looks really, really great! Thanks for sharing how you did it. I've thought of trying this, but was never sure how to make the corners look so neat.

  2. Very beautiful!
    Thanks for the tutorial!!



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