Thursday, October 20, 2011

Visit to the Apple Orchard

NOTE- This post was supposed to publish way back on the 12th, but for some reason it never posted, and I didn't realize it....... So here it is, a whole week late. Yep, that's kind of lame.

Saturday was a beautiful day. I worked all morning on a sample quilt for Quilt Market (I'm leaving in 2 weeks!) and by the afternoon I needed to get out. So the family hopped in the car and went to a local orchard. (Unfortunately- the farm was NOT called Apple Blossom Acres.... that would have been too perfect.) It was really fun- the perfect, perfect thing to do on a gorgeous October day. We picked a couple of baskets of apples, then when we got home, daughter made an apple crisp.
 (I'm not in love with this photo- my eyes are all squinty because I was looking into the sun)

(They have pumpkins at the apple orchard too!)

So, the quilt sample that I mentioned at the top of the post..... I shouldn't have had to make it. When I was designing it, I made a couple of sample blocks, with different measurements, to see which worked best. When I wrote out the pattern, apparently I put in one wrong measurement- it was off by 1/8". But because a Yseam was involved, it didn't work for my sample maker. By the time we figured out the problem, she didn't have time to re-make the sample (she also has a real full-time job- I know, the nerve!) So I spent the last several days working non-stop making the sample myself- kicking myself the whole time because if only I'd have had that measurement correct- the whole thing could have been done by now! So, now you have a glimpse into the glamorous life of professional quilting. Exciting, isn't it????


  1. That looks fantastic, the apples, the weather and all of you! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks like a fun time. Can you tell me the name of the pick-your-own apple place? Might be a fun thing to do sometime with my granddaughter when we are up that way. (They live in Gloucester County, NJ.)

  3. Apple orchards are fun. Some even sell apple pies and jams. As for your measurement mishap, it happens. Remember, there are no quilting mistakes, only design opportunities.

  4. What fun! I love incorporating apples into my recipes (for food and for quilts!). Take care, and keep taking some time for will be fine!



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