Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Final Round of Quilt Market Photos

Thanks to everyone who joined us on the Jolly Holiday Party Blog Hop- I enjoyed reading everyone's comments about their favorite holiday things. Family and Food were the big winners (no surprise there!) I hope it helped to get all of you in the holiday spirit. The winner of the giveaway was Joanna- congratulations!

Hard to believe I've been back from Houston for 3 weeks now (I am almost caught up.....) Let's see how many more Market photos I can jam into this post, OK? Are you tired of them yet.....
 Lynette Anderson of Lynette Anderson Designs. She is one of those magnificently talented Australians who do a lot of embroidery in their designs. I always enjoy meeting up with Lynette when we go to Market- maybe someday I will make it down to Australia to visit her! That would be wonderful!

 A new friend! Maggie Bonanomi is a fellow Kansas City Star author. I have a couple of her books- they are simply beautiful. She has a wonderful primitive style.
 This is Pam from Buggy Barn. Usually, her "partner in crime" at Market is her sister Janet- but unfortunately Janet was unable to fly due to a back injury. Keep Janet in your prayers for a speedy recovery- we certainly want to see her at Spring Market!!

 A couple more new friends- Marcea and Janice from Abbey Lane Quilts. They have a wonderful, fun style- I really enjoyed chatting with them.

 Finally, what would Quilt Market be without Pat Sloan- the Queen of Everything Quilty!

OK, I'm tired now! Thanks for "coming along" to Quilt Market with me!
Stop by on Thursday to see my block and the tutorial for the Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along....


  1. Must have been amazing to see and enjoy so many beautiful quilts made by beautiful people. I think lovely quilts and lovely blogs come from people that are lovely inside to start with! I enjoy seeing all you are must be tired! I am trying to go back and see the blog holiday hop posts...I don't want to miss anything!

  2. LOL It has been fun to see Market through your photos...and I was chuckling at you and Pat! Heehee! I hope I can meet her one day, she seems like such a fun person! Thanks for the blog hop - it was a blast!

  3. I have enjoyed all of your photos of quilt market. Looks like it was a lot of fun. I am looking forward to seeing your block in the Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along.



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