Friday, March 30, 2012

Free Cupcake Applique Pattern

Last week, I showed you the fabric that daughter and I picked up at the quilt show a couple of weeks ago. While mine got put away for "some day," daughter got right to work and finished the birthday gift she wanted to make for her friend. (As you can see from the above photo- her friend is very tiny!)

She made a simple pocket, embellished with ric rac:

And added a simple cupcake applique:

Daughter has a really good intuitive sense of color- she put fabrics together that I never would have thought of, but they totally work- chambray blue, turquoise, coral, red, and pink. I think the reason they work together is because they all have a vintage 1930's feel to them. What do you think?

I am providing a pattern for the cupcake. Click here for the Free Cupcake Applique pattern. What kind of project will you use your cupcake pattern for- an apron? a potholder? a kitchen towel?


  1. That is such a cute apron your daughter made. Thanks for the cupcake applique. I am not sure if I will make either a pot holder or apron with it or both.

  2. She did a wonderful job with the apron and the colors. I woulnt have thought of putting those colors together either. Even flat in the swatch part I probablhy wouldnt have done it but, in real dimmension they look fabulous!

  3. That is a very sweet apron and thanks for the cupcake applique. It is so timely as I want to make a cute potholder for my stepmom and that would work perfectly!

  4. What a great job she did! I love the pattern...I, too, have been looking for one for a potholder! Thank you. :)

  5. Your daughter did do a great job of using color, it is so cute. Thanks so much for sharing the cupcake applique, I have a gift to make for a friend who makes cupcakes all the time, perfect.



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