Friday, September 14, 2012

Color Story: Cozy Corner

Daughter Samantha is in a decorating mood. Here is her Friday guest post:

I've been thinking about color palettes lately, much to my husband's horror.  It seems I have a lot of opportunity for decor in our new apartment, his new office, my new fall wardrobe... (hint, hint hubby) and all that opportunity just has me itching to head to Home Depot and pull out all the paint chips!  One of the color palletes I've been gravitating towards lately is this cool coastal look.  I like the blending of darks and lights, browns and blues, muted, and brights.  I am nothing if not drawn to the harmony of opposites. 

What is interesting is that I am not looking for a brighter color scheme-- I am usually the first to say "Let's paint that end table canary yellow!" (To which hubby makes this face), but right now I am leaning towards a lot more natural and soothing colors.  We'll see how long that will last....

Are there any color makeovers in your future?  What have you been loving lately?

Happy Weekend!


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  1. Great post dear.

  2. ... never knew your husband was Keanu Reeves. haha

  3. Oh yes! We're buying a 70's house so the potential is endless. Each bathroom has different colored fixtures. I'm going to be posting the whole process on my blog in the coming year. I love your color scheme.

  4. Your husband DOES look like Keanu Reeves. ;) Looking forward to seeing what colors you choose. As for me, I'm still trying to decide what I want to do in my home office/studio.



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