Monday, September 24, 2012

In The Studio Today...

..... I am wearing socks, for the first time in probably almost 5 months. I love the change of seasons.... it's like a fresh start 3 or 4 times a year. Just when I start to get tired of a season and the weather, it changes. There's always something to look forward to.

(I have wide feet, don't I?!? It looks like someone forced a pair of socks onto a duck. Quack.)

I got a couple of quilts back from my quilter the other day. One went right to a quilt shop for a sample before I had a chance to photo it. But here is a sneak peek of another that I got back:

I love the Honey Bee block, don't you??

If these blocks look familiar, it's probably because I started showing them to you in August 2011- yeah.... it took me that long to get it done and get it to the quilter. Sometimes it is nice to take your time on a project and just let it "evolve". Oftentimes when you are making samples for Quilt Market or for shops, you feel like you are just slapping them together to get them done because you are in such a hurry. This quilt, because I took my time on it, was very enjoyable and relaxing to make. It will probably be featured in an upcoming book. (If you want to jump into the time machine to August 2011, click here and here and here.)

I love how my quilter did this quilt- it's perfect! Take a look at the back:

If you don't know it already- "Quilting Makes The Quilt".... Daniella (aka Danny) did such a wonderful job with this one. Please do not ask me for her contact information- I don't want her to get too busy to keep taking my work (ha ha). A good quilter is worth her weight in gold (or thread..... or chocolate.... whichever happens to be more precious to you...)

I just found out that October is National Cookie Month. I have to admit- I have not been this excited in awhile! Even though there's still a week left in September, I might have to start celebrating a little early. I found a recipe in the local paper that I want to try, and today is a perfect baking day. I'll share the recipe if they turn out well.


  1. Love the socks!!! The quilter did a wonderful did too!

  2. I love your magenta socks - perfect color for the fall season. I have wide feet also - so I can relate to the webbed feet. The quilt is beautiful and your quilter is a GEM, her attention to the smallest detail is apparent and beautiful. This quilt is sure to be special keepsake. TFS!

  3. I wish it was getting cooler here. I love seeing your quilt patterns and fabrics. It makes me realize how much I miss quilting.



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