Friday, September 7, 2012

Things I Love: Garden Edition

Daughter Samantha is bringing the outdoors in in her guest post this week. I love all the pretty things she's found for inspiration, especially the terrarium. I remember that my introduction to terrariums was making them in grade school using giant 2 gallon pickle jars (do you remember that? Ah, the 1970's!) Enjoy....

I suppose the first thing I should list on here is that I LOVE Adobe Photoshop Elements.  I got a copy of my very own for my birthday this week, and I am having so much fun with it! Thanks, Mommy :)

But besides Elements, I am loving the outdoors right now. The weather is just cooling down enough to spend more and more time outside, and that's just fine by me.  It even inspired me enough to start my own Pinterest board called Garden, even though I don't actually have a garden (the woes of renting).Therefore, this collection of items is dedicated to my need to bring the outdoors indoors.

Number one is a collection of woodsy colored pencils I'd love to have on my desk.  A little tree bark never hurt anyone, and if I can have tree bark inside, I will.

Number two is a garden stepping stone that is so pretty, I think it could be taken indoors to be used as art.  Can you imagine it hanging on the wall?  I sure can.

Number three is a set of old valve handles that I think would look great as drawer knobs/ coat hangers/ door knobs.  They are so rustic!

Number four is a terrarium from Terrain, the Anthropologie garden shop you may have heard about here. One of my homemaking goals is to have some successful terrariums of my own, so this is great inspiration.

Number five would be hard to use indoors, but is too cool not to share.  These are seed bombs that contain seeds for different kinds of wildflowers.  The idea is to throw them into your yard and watch them grow! And the packaging is just adorable. Perhaps I could use them for decoration as well...

What are some of the things you love this week?

Happy weekend!


  1. Not much this week, lol. It has been raining, but we needed it, so working on cleaning and getting out my fall decorations. That is one thing I do love, bring out decorations for the new season and making new things to add to the decor.


  2. Great post! Enjoy Photoshop, what a great program!

  3. Wonderful dear! So intricate!

  4. Great post! Enjoy Photoshop, what a great program!



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