Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Giveaway! And other fun stuff....

My friend Sandi at A Legacy of Stitches is giving away fabric from my Fruitful Hands collection! I love Sandi because she is so kind and really, really generous with her time and talents. She is always sharing photos of her enviable quilt collection, organizing quilt retreats, and just generally being a really nice person. Take a bow, Sandi!

I want you all to you run (OK, click) right over to her blog and enter her giveaway, Pronto! It ends on Friday.

Go on, enter the giveaway. I'll wait......

OK Welcome back! Does the change of seasons put you in the mood for certain kinds of projects? For me, autumn is the unofficial start of baking season (my own personal equivalent of Football Season...) In addition, it seems as soon as the temperatures drop below 70 degrees, I am ready to dig into my wool pile........

A few days ago, I got a hankerin' for a cozy project, so I pulled out the pile of wool and started on a really simple project. I think I will share the finished project and pattern in my next newsletter. It shouldn't take me long to finish- as I said it is simple as can be, and I have enjoyed working on it while watching TV in the evenings. I am using yummy Valdani thread for my stitching.

And there are those ubiquitous magnifying glasses again. Yes, it seems I need them more and more! Today I was trying to read something, and realized that I really need to start carrying a pair in my purse. But I resist. I am being dragged kicking and screaming into middle age!

Finally, I have a cute story to tell you. Last week I was upstairs cleaning up one of the bedrooms. I heard a thud on the window (as I often do- our birds aren't particularly intelligent it seems- because my windows are dirty and they really should be able to see them!) Usually when I hear a thud, I look out the window and the victim has flown away. But this time, I saw this pretty little yellow bird lying on the porch roof, feet up in the air and twitching. I held my breath and walked away, hoping that he'd hop up and fly away. When I returned to the window a few minutes later, he was still lying on the roof, feet up, but the twitching had stopped- bad sign! I walked away again and continued my work. I checked back on him every few minutes. After about 10 minutes of no movement, I figured I'd be climbing out the window to retrieve the body for proper burial. But then, I found him like this:

Isn't he cute? The yellow finch happens to be our State Bird. He remained like this for another 10 minutes- I was even able to open the window, and hang halfway out to take his photo. The fact that I got so close to him proves how stunned he was! I'm sure he had a terrible headache! I continued my cleaning, checking on him from time to time. Finally, I approached the window and he was gone. Poor little dear! I guess he flew away to find some Excedrin....


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway...and those poor birds! Too many don't make it, but he is a cutie!

  2. I guess he was feeling the need to get cozy too...possibly nesting in your stacks of wool. He is an adorable little thing! Maybe, he thought if you got his photo you would some how use it in one of your creations!!


  3. I love working with wool in the winter and doing projects with it, since penny rugs are great as gifts and decorations. Poor little bird, he is so cute. I had a group of starlings hanging out with me on the porch, they just sit there and stare at me. Then my dog was out and I saw him sniffing something, it was a baby chipmunk and the poor thing was scared to death of the big dog, lol. My dog could care less, he likes to play with the critters, unless it is a snake, then he thinks it is a moving rope to toss around.


  4. Oh, the little bird story is so sweet. Glad all he has is a headache! I love that pile of yummy wools! Made my first purchase of Valdani threads at Shades of the Past, a vendor at the Minnesota Quilter's Show in June. Still have not used them but as the weather gets cooler, my yearning to work with wool kicks in! So glad to share about your fabrics on my blog. They are lovely. Green choice was leading for a while but now there have been lots of votes for pink. And I am almost finished with the tabletopped and the photos for the tutorial. It's ready for machine quilting but don't think I'll get to it tonight. Always tomorrow! :-)

  5. I love cozy warm projects. I am trying to finish up some of my summer projects and move to something new. I will look forward to seeing your new wool project. I too hope that the sweet little bird has gotten over his headache.

  6. I think the finches are one of the cutest birds. Poor lil fella! I had quite the migraine yesterday, so I can sympathize!

  7. What an adorable little bird. A bird flew into on of our windows the other day and it actually left a mark, it kind of looks like the pictures of doves in flight. Kind of creepy but pretty at the same time.

    I too have been in the baking mood. It's supposed to be 50 and rainy in Minnesota tomorrow so maybe more baking and soup for supper:)

  8. The poor finch I am glad he is okay. I have occasionally heard a bird hit our window but they never seem to be stunned by it.

  9. I had a birdie do that last week....blam! Into the window and then lying on the mulch with his little chest heaving; he was stunned and couldn't move. After a while he sat up, and then flew away, like your buddy!
    I love your wools...they definitely make me think of fall weather. Looking forward to seeing your project and your newsletter! Hugs!



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