Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Day!

So, it's the 6th day of Spring, and this is what it looks like:
Unbelievable! We got hardly a flake of snow all winter, and on March 25, less than a week from Easter, this is what happens.... weird. I had an appointment today which I cancelled; daughter's school is actually in session today but I kept her home (she drives herself to school and I didn't want her out in the weather.) So she is baking cookies and I am drinking tea and doing all of those cozy "snow day" things that we didn't get to do all winter :) When my kids were little, I used to look forward to snow days, when we would all just stay in and read and watch movies and do crafts and drink hot chocolate and eat soup.... and then the kids would go outside to play in the snow, and you know you spent more time getting them dressed and then undressed than they actually spent playing...

(Remember A Christmas Story
Ralphie: "My kid brother Randy looked like a tick about to pop.")

So daughter is using her Snow Day to make biscotti (no complaints here...)

We've been busy working on the next newsletter which will come out mid-April. It has a late Spring/early Summer theme. There is a wonderful cookie recipe which I am including- we had a family dinner yesterday after church and everyone sampled them and thought they were delicious- so apparently we have a winner!

Last November, a lot of you gave me suggestions for a new newsletter name... we are still thinking about changing the name, it will probably reflect my new tag line... but I am still mulling over the possibilities. I will have to make up my mind by mid-April when the next issue comes out!

For now, I am doing 2 versions of the newsletter- an email version which you can read right in your inbox, and a magazine version which looks like a real magazine (I love the magazine)!

If you'd like to see our last issue of our digital magazine newsletter, click here.
To see the email version, click here.
You can sign up for your FREE subscription to both versions by clicking here.

What's the weather like where you are today? What are you going to be creative?


  1. That sounds like a nice way to spend the day. I am still waiting for the storm, but we are getting less snow and more wind.


    1. It snowed here almost all day- big fat flakes. It was pretty, but now it's time for Spring...



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