Monday, June 22, 2009

Calling All Elves...

A sneak peek at a couple of different projects in the works...
By the way, there are OTHER projects underway, too..... Settle for working on just 1, 2, or even 3 projects at time... no sireee... not this multitasking crazy person... There are currently 2 wool projects under construction, at least 3 quilts sketched and planned out (just need to get to that pesky sewing part...), and there is an embroidery project on the coffee table calling my name... Countless projects in the sketchbook waiting to come to fruition (oooh, that's a neat word.... but I digress.... sometimes I have a little trouble with focus....... oh look a bird... Ritalin, anyone???) Did I mention that I need to type out the directions for at least THREE projects that are already completed?

Elves may apply at any time. I do not pay in cash, but will barter with chocolate and assorted home baked goodies...


  1. I have the same "problem." I have to have several projects going on at once, because one needs some portable projects that one can carry with them, or work on while watching TV and then there are the projects awaiting quilting. And then, the new project that one just "Has" to do. Sometimes, I think I'm going nuts! But it is all fun, so I keep doing it!!

  2. Sounds familiar. I always put off the pattern writing as long as possible. Definitely not the fun part.

  3. Funny. Yesterday we were driving somewhere and I commented on how well someone was multitasking. Chelsea said that I would like that since I work that way...they are watching us!

    I'll bet she is a multi-tasker too, one day.



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