Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Now Have a Professional Photographer on Staff...

Realizing that my posts have been a little infrequent lately, and noticing that it has been several days since my last one, I told daughter- "Quick- go outside and take some pictures for my blog!" As usual, she did not disappoint...

Quite artsy, don't you think?
(Still wearing her Catholic school uniform....)

I have not altered the photos, just straighted one, but didn't even crop them... Amazing! Thanks, daughter, you're a pro!


  1. Your daughter always amazes me with her talent in photography!
    I love the angles she goes for!

  2. Wow, those are great pictures! My daughter gets great 'odd' shots of things like that too! Must be the age or the freedom of youth or something!


  3. Your daughter has the sensibility of an artist! Nice photos!:)

  4. She did a marvelous job! What wonderful photos and so creative! You don't need a big garden...only some good photos like this! Love it.

  5. Your daughter is an amazing photographer!



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