Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stitching, Pride & Prejudice, & More Exciting Stuff

My wool pins are being featured on a brand new site called Sewn which is dedicated to the art of sewing and quilting. It just launched last week, so I'm very, very pleased to be included! Stop by this beautiful site for inspiration galore! In celebration, if you place an order from my website this week, you will receive a free gift!

[....So how aggravating is this- I updated a bunch of stuff on my website about 2 weeks ago, and just now I went back to the site and it was all gone! And I had to re-do everything! (That's OK, I had a couple of extra hours to fill today....) Oh well... I have updated everything AGAIN, hopefully it will stay put this time!]

The other night, my favorite movie Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightly was on, so I got to sit and stitch and watch it- AGAIN... even though I have it on DVD, I watch it whenever it is on Oxygen.... which is a lot.... I am even willing to sit through the commercials (they make the movie last even longer.... sigh...) Oh Mr. Darcy, you are a complicated man.... Oh Lizzie, sometimes you are too outspoken for your own good.... what a perfect couple.... So anyway I just don't get tired of that movie ever... sad but true... This is what I was working on...


  1. That is also one of my favorites. I love it when Mr. Darcy tells her "You've bewitched me, body and soul"

  2. I love this film too! I've already see it in many versions, I love them all ! :)

  3. We must have been separated at birth!!! I'm with you on P & P~
    My husband is always saying, "We have that on DVD babe with no commercials"-But Oxygen always gets me! The only part I don't like it when they are dancing-I don't like how outspokane Lizzie is there.
    My favorite part when when the Uncle says "OHHHHH what are men compared to rocks and mountains?"
    When Tim and I hike and I get to the top of the mountain I always shout this.
    I also like when Darcy asked Lizzie if she is having a "Pleasant trip" I like the way he asks it.

    I have a stitching question for you... Are you supposed to knot the end? If you do it shows right? And if you don't won't it unravel when you wash it?

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Congrats on the new site! It looks very nice!
    I love to watch P&P and all of Jane's movies as I paint....puts me in the "mood"! :)

  5. Suzanne- I love to listen to the P&P soundtrack while working- or when I am tense, I find it so relaxing. I think that maybe my next step will be to try working while wearing period clothing... just a thought...

    Robin- My favorite scene is towards the end, when it is barely dawn and Lizzie goes outside because she can't sleep after being visited by the testy Lady Catherine the night before... and then she sees Darcy walking towards her through the field... This is affectionately referred to around here as the "Darcy coming out of the mist" scene...

    As for stitching, I usually anchor my thread by running it under some previous stitches on the back. But when you are starting a new area, it can be really tough to anchor the thread and then try to stitch over it to hold it, so when starting I do usually do just a small knot to hold it in place. And then when finishing, again, run it under your previous stitches so you don't have to make a knot.



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