Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Miscellany

We got through graduation the other night without too many tears! Daughter was valedictorian of her class and made an excellent speech.... afterwards we went for ice cream sundaes with the grandparents.... it was a great night...Older daughter recently landed the role of Sarah Brown in our community theater's summer production of Guys and Dolls... she once played the role of Adelaide perfectly in the same show when her school did it... she is very excited to be doing this new role! She gets to play a very straight-laced Salvation Army sergeant who falls for big time gambler Sky Masterson- doesn't that sound like fun!
A testimony to all the rain we have been having lately... I went out into the garden today to take some photos and noticed these little lovelies growing between the tomato plants... I am sure they are happy happy in the weather we have been having lately... here's hoping for some sun this weekend...
(Can you see the little "critter" on the left side of this one?)


  1. Congratulations to both your daughters! I know you are so proud! They are very lovely young ladies. I have been reading the blogs but have not posted in a while on mine. I have good intentions too, but just haven't taken the time. My kids are usually on the internet and I want to upload some photos when I post. Hopefully I can make a post this weekend.
    Have a Blessed Day,

  2. Congratulations to your daughters! How exciting for the thespian and thrilling for the valedictorian!
    Sounds like a great start to a super summer!

  3. Jacquelynne & Chris, congratulations on Megan's behalf, but also to yourselves for raising two lovely daughters. Yes, the time flies by and before you know it, you'll be loving grandchildren. I may be rushing things a bit, but it does seem to happen that quickly. You'll all have a fun-filled summer with Sam's play and HS preparations. ENJOY. Have a blessed Sunday! Judy

  4. LOVE Guys and Dolls! Congrats to your girls for their accomplishments.

  5. Wow, you have to be soooo proud of your daughter- Wow, wow, wow!

    Congratulations to her!

    You have such a beautiful family!




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