Monday, June 8, 2009

Where Do You Think You're Going???

Just nine short years ago, the "baby" of our family started kindergarten...Today was her last day of 8th grade...
I tried really hard to stay busy today and not get too weepy, and I was pretty successful... but it is hard to believe that in a few short months my youngest will be starting high school... and that will fly by... and then it will be college... and marriage and career....
Who would have thought that life could go by so fast while you're driving to soccer and piano lessons and school plays... and making Halloween costumes and macaroni and cheese dinners...
and wondering if the house will ever stay clean for more than 5 minutes or if you'll ever get just 10 minutes to yourself to read a book or take a bubble bath....
And here it is... and there she goes....
let the weeping begin...


  1. Our girls are at the same place. It is so fun to see them grow and change, isn't it? Chelsea is the one who hates growing up these days. She wants to go back to being a happy go lucky kid.

  2. Slow down, your mind are going to fast. She will not marrie so soon, it's only hight scool...:)
    My son it's 16 and I'm stil his mom, he run's for me to suport him in his problems!
    My daughter has now 26 it's working out and she stil love come home and stay in vacations!
    Congratulations! And to your daughter too! :)

  3. Time sure does fly doesn't it. I can't believe my grandson just turned 10! It seems he was just a baby only a short time ago. Enjoy the new adventures that will unfold. Life is all about changes even though sometimes we wish it didn't have to change.

  4. I'd trade in the book and the bubble bath for those busy days again! My baby is the same age as yours--where does the time go??!



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