Wednesday, July 1, 2009

20th Anniversary

Oh my, who is that very young couple.... How is it that 20 years can seem to fly by, and yet seem like forever... at the very same time....

Here's to everyday routine and occasional adventures, and joy and tears, and of course a lot of love and laughter.... and at least another 20 years....
Love you, hubby.


  1. Thank you my love - I know this anniversary is a bit chaotic with work schedules and kids schedules, but this post means a lot to me. I love you with all my heart and cannot wait for the next 20+ years.

    It does seem to be only yesterday in some ways, but when I look at the pictures and how our daughters are now "young women", it seems like a while. I wouldn't trade it for anything.....


  2. Okay... I just melted.

    I read your post and it was so lovely... I'm glad you two are catching up to Tim and I (we've been married 20 years too) :)

    THEN I came to leave a comment and your dear husband left a comment for you! If that is not the sweetest thing I don't know what is!!!!!

    Happy 20 year anniversary you two!


  3. That is so sweet. Congratulations to both of you.

  4. It's so good when we look back and all we see it's so positive that make we wish another 20 years!
    It's so sweet both still in love yet!
    Happy anniversary! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary to both you & Chris!! I think both of you made great 'catches'!
    I wish for you many more wonderful years!!!
    xo, Bren

  6. Love your wedding photos. Thanks for sharing. Happy Anniversary and best wishes for another 20. My DH and I will celebrate our forty-first anniversary in a couple of weeks. We married as mere babes.

  7. AND you haven't changed a bit! Happy Anniversary.....a little late!



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