Monday, July 27, 2009

The Cat's in the Doghouse....

I finished a quilt the other day, and as I usually do with just-completed projects, I laid it out on the floor of my studio. I like to look at it and "live" with it for a while, to see if there are any things I'd like to change, plus it keeps it nice and flat and unwrinkled till I get it to the machine quilter....

I came downstairs the other morning, and the brand new quilt top was in a ball on the floor. Sometimes kitty likes to run through the house, either chasing, or being chased by, imaginary adversaries. Hoping it wasn't too terribly wrinkled, I figured I'd just shake out the quilt and lay it out again. Well, I shook it out, but wrinkles were the least of my problems.... out of the quilt fell a big pile of cat poop... she used my brand new quilt as a litter box!!!!! Oh she was in big trouble.... she spent the rest of the morning locked out on the screened porch..... I tried to wash it by hand, very gently, since it's not quilted yet. Today I am off to the dry cleaners, to see if they can get out the stains, please say a little prayer for me! (You should also keep kitty in your prayers... I am threatening to find her a new home if she doesn't start behaving herself....)


  1. The hearts of cat owners around the world will be going out to you after reading this! I am certain that every one of them, including myself, can tell a similar story of a beloved cat turning into the enemy over an item of handwork.

    Now the cat will know what it's like to get the cold shoulder!


  2. I would be a little tee'd off too...I'm hoping that the dry cleaners will be able to get the stain out...yikes!


  3. Bad, bad, kitty!
    It's amazing to me how great animals can be and yet at the same time they can be SUCH a pain!
    I do hope everything comes clean!!! Including the cat! :)


  4. Oh dear...that is a heartbreaker!

    I do hope you can get that stain out. Poor you and poor kitty. I am sure it seemed like a great idea at the time.

    Becky K

  5. This reminds me of a great quilt that was on display at our local quilt show a few years ago. Something similar happened to this quilt & it was fondly nick-named the "poo-poo quilt". :o)
    I do really hope the stain comes out. . . for your sake. . . (& for kitties too!)
    xo, Bren

  6. Oh, so sorry! I'm sure kitty is too, hope the cleaners can work some magic and save kitty from exclusion!



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