Friday, July 10, 2009


Another quilt in the Winterthur collection. Made in England by professional embroiderers in the 1720s, it is embroidered with gold silk thread on cotton. I am fascinated to think about the time that embroiderers spent on this, working long, long hours, probably often with insufficient lighting. I wonder if their eyes and back and fingers hurt? Certainly difficult work, but beautiful results. And I'm sure those working on this never would have imagined that their work would end up in a museum almost 300 years later....
Below, a whitework quilt made and signed by Abigail Horton VanNostrand in 1809. Remember- always sign your work!


  1. The quilts are gorgeous! What lovely embroidery work.
    Working in your home definitely has it's advantages and also disadvantages. Sometimes I just want to run away....oh, and we do! LOL!
    You must take time for yourself and set your hours for work and stick to it my friend, will go crazy!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. These are just so beautiful such stunning work. I wonder how they managed to do it especially as the lighting is so different now.

  3. Gorgeous! Takes my breath away.



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