Monday, August 9, 2010

England- Let's Talk about Food

We found a chain restaurant called Wagamama that we loved. Now, in the UK, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting one of these places. But alas, in the U.S., there is only 1, in Boston, not nearly close enough to me. So I am left with memories and photos of noodles and curry...
Another tasty treat we found is the Cornish pasty (pronounced with a short a, not paste-y). It is basically a hand held pie- meat and/or vegetables wrapped up in pastry. We tried several different kinds, and found, I am sure much to the native Brits' horror, that we actually like the ones from the chain restaurant West Cornwall Pasty the best.
 An  unbelievable milkshake made by putting actual miniature cheesecakes into the blender with the ice cream... it really should be illegal...

Of course, there were fish and chips, and the ubiquitous Indian curries found in just about every pub and cafe. And all kinds of sweets and chocolates. We didn't get many photos, because usually we were starved and started eating before we remembered to pull out the camera. Thank goodness we walked and climbed lots of hills!


  1. Pasties sound divine :)! And where I live, real curry is non-existant unless you beg the Indian couple down the street to trade some cooking!

  2. Now where have I been? I have never seen a Wagamama restaurant before! I just googled it and you are right they are everywhere but not in my town. I think our nearest would be Leeds or Sheffield, I will have to give it a try. Glad you liked the pasties and the milkshake. I am really enjoying hearing about your trip.

  3. Next time, go "O'er the border" and try some haggis or black pudding! They're not nearly as awefull as they sound!

  4. I'm loving your photos & tales of your trip to England. . . it all looks wonderful!
    xo, Bren



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