Tuesday, August 17, 2010

England- Treasures Found

Some goodies I picked up in England- lots and lots of ribbon...
And why, yes, that is velvet ric rac in 3 different colors....
My magazine obsession is trans-atlantic... look at all of these fabulous titles I picked while there:
I even got a copy of the Jane Austen Sewing book while at the Fashion Museum in Bath. Oh, and at the Fashion Museum, we saw an exhibit of 10 of Princess Diana's dresses and gowns. They were on mannequins, of course, with photos of Diana wearing the gown next to them. Honestly, as neat as it was to see the actual gowns, they paled in comparison to the photos of Diana in the dresses... she was just so graceful and statuesque and beautiful. (unfortunately, no photos allowed in the exhibit.)
We also brought home some chocolate and tea and Cornish honey.... nice treats to enjoy in the coming months and remember our trip....

PS Special thanks to youngest daughter for the recent blog "face lift". I have informed her that I can not allow her to go to college or ever move out, as she has now made herself completely indispensable to me...


  1. Jane Austen Sewing book, oh WOW! How cool is that! And I agree with you. My youngest son is our computer expert here, and he has to stay close to home ;-)

  2. I love the ribbons and magazines are a weekness of min also. I enjoyed going back and looking at your previous posts. I would love to take a trip to England. I will enjoy my trip to Milwaukee to see my daughter in September and dream of going to England another time.

  3. Awesome! I love magazines too. Our Barnes and Noble carries the English version of Country Living. I love it! I prefer it to our version.

  4. Oh how I wish I was with you when you bought all the ribbon and went to the Fashion museum! What a perfect day!

    Youngest daughter could be making some side money with the talent she has! Wow, your blog looks great!




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