Monday, August 2, 2010

What Color Geeks Do For Fun....

What do color geeks and their teenage daughters do for fun?
1. Get piles of paint chips from the hardware store
2. Look at colors and sigh
3. Cut color chips up and rearrange them, making plenty of new color combinations/ pallettes
4. Say as many times as possible, "Ooooohhh, look at this one..."
5. Repeat as necessary

Yeah, I know... we're geeks..... But don't tell me you don't have your own weird "thing"....
PS I'd love to know what it is- what is your weird obsession??


  1. One of my obsessions (which might seem weird to some, but is perfectly normal to me) is the smell that a brand new videogame emits when its plastic is ripped off and the case is opened. Its the same with every game. I love opening the game almost more than putting them into the machine to play. I am a geek through and through.

  2. You guys are too cute!

    I do so many weird things that it's not even funny-There really isn't much normal about me and I'm okay with that.

    One thing I do do is touch everything I see in a store-But this is inherited because my mom and brother do it too!

    I also use movie lines in every day talk! But so does my husband!


  3. Weird. Hhhhmmmmm...... We call it eccentric.

    Actually, I just posted on my blog one of my quirky artistic flights of fancy.

    Question: How can kids have make belief fun yet still know the difference between true and untrue?



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