Tuesday, April 19, 2011


green[green] -noun

a color intermediate in the spectrum between yellow and blue, an effect of light with a wavelength between 500 and 570 nm; found in nature as the color of most grasses and leaves while growing, of some fruits while ripening, and of the sea.

Art . a secondary color that has been formed by the mixture of blue and yellow pigments.

All of a sudden, the world seems to be bursting with green- yellow greens, blue greens, chartreuse, emerald, spring green, sap, moss, apple....  Is there anything more lovely??

(One of the above fabric swatches is from my newest fabric line to be introduced at Spring Market in Salt Lake City in May. Do you know which one it is??)


  1. Yay for Spring!! Doesn't it refresh your spirit :-)

  2. The first swatch! The one with the cute little flowers and dragonflies :D
    I really, really, REALLY like green LOL

  3. I think its the first swatch?



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