Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In the Studio Today....

Why yes, it is supposed to be 82 degrees today and yes, I am working on Christmas projects! Here is a table runner I made from my upcoming Joy, Love, Peace, Noel fabric collection (in stores in May). A free pattern sheet for this project will be available. (Don't you just love the prairie points on the end??)
I am also working on a quilt pattern which will have some very cute embroidery designs- I am trying really hard to get it done by May, but you know, the embroidery involves a little more time.

I have several more ideas in mind for this Christmas fabric line, now all I need are a few elves to help me get it all done!

I will be speaking and teaching a project at a Mother's Day Tea on Saturday, May 7 at Olde City Quilts in Burlington NJ. It is a beautiful shop with lots of classroom space- if you are interested in coming to the tea, stop by the web site to make a reservation. Our project will be wool flower pins- a perfect Mother's Day gift.


  1. I always find it funny that I now think several holidays away with the candles too. But, planning and preparation are fun.

    Your projects are beautiful.

  2. Love your Christmas fabric. I especially like the icy blue mixed with the red and green.

  3. I really love the runner so far. And that fabric looks like it's very rich looking colors. Beautiful

  4. If I only lived a wee bit closer, I would surely come to Olde City Quilts for the Mother's Day Tea. Looks like it will be a fun day for those who do live nearby and join you! I love your Christmas line of fabrics and do hope my favorite quilt shop will be carrying the line. I've shared your fabric link and blog with the owner and so many others because you do such lovely work and have a very lovely blog. :-)



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