Monday, April 11, 2011

In the Studio Today...

First, thanks to everyone who entered the giveaways here and at Quilting Gallery. The winner of my giveaway will be announced here on Wednesday- so stay tuned!

This week, I am busy going over some edited copy for my book, Fruitful Hands. Things are really moving along! The photography is done and the book is now being edited and laid out.

AND, just this morning I shipped off more artwork to Henry Glass Fabrics. I managed to get it all done just in time- looks like I will be introducing 2 new fabric lines at this spring's Quilt Market in Salt Lake City. They both have lovely little "critters":

All of the windows are open, the birds are chirping, the air is fresh- it is supposed to go up to 80 degrees today.... could Spring really finally be here? Gosh I hope so!


  1. Great about the book. I'm looking forward to seeing these new fabric lines.

  2. Love your paintings! I can't wait to see your book and fabric lines...Have a great week!

  3. I am loving your critters! :) My windows are open too but the pollen is awful - I'll be dusting for a while! blessings, marlene

  4. I love those paintings, that is going to be wonderful fabric.


  5. Are you in the NY/NJ area? It was 80 degrees here today too! So nice, but it seemed so strange didn't it?



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