Friday, April 29, 2011


What do you do when daughter grows too tall for a favorite sundress? You cut up a coordinating fat quarter and add a border to the bottom. We cut the fat quarter into 3 strips, each 6" wide, and then sewed them together. Then we sewed the strip to the existing lining of the dress and voila! we added about 3" to the length of the dress. It only took about half an hour to do. Not bad, huh?
 Hard to believe that daughter is now a Sophomore in high school, which means that for the last couple of months, the brochures and letters from colleges have been just pouring in. This is one day's worth of her mail:
The driver's permit will come this summer. And oldest daughter will be a college senior next year.  Where does time go?

 It is bittersweet, watching them grow. They have turned into beautiful young women, so so quickly. I love watching them spread their wings- it's exciting and thrilling, and scary and sad. I miss the little girls that they were. But it's so exciting to see where life is taking them. I'm so proud of them.
The thing is- they're not mine. They never were. They belong to God and He generously and graciously entrusted them to my care for a while. And I am so grateful.


  1. So, what do you do when your 2 y/o girl suddenly spikes and grows 2-3" overnight, but still is too skinny to move on to a larger size pant? What's a good way to lengthen her pants without looking tacky or obvious?

  2. I have seen people putting ruffles on the bottoms of pants- I would add an embellishment to the pocket or waistband as well, in the same fabric as the ruffle, so that the ruffle doesn't look like an "add-on". Or, I suppose you could also go the other way, and trim the pants to shorts or capri's!

  3. Jacquelynne, Thank you for a thoughtful and moving post. Your last paragraph really struck home with me. All three of our kids "turned out well" as the world sees them, but only two have relationships with us. I must accept the fact that the third one was ours for a time, through God's grace, and that in God's time, he may come back. Thank you for your words of truth.
    Jacque in SC

  4. We are proud of you too, Mommy. Thanks for all you do :)

  5. What a lovely post! Children do grow so fast! How sweet to see the post by your daughter. :-)
    I have done similar things to give added life to clothing. I am planning to take a favorite pair of slacks that are worn thin and cut them apart and make a paper pattern from them. I am so short that I have a terrible time finding clothing that fits right. I used to make all my clothes and the other day I just thought.....need to do that again! :-)



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