Monday, May 2, 2011

Mad for Hats!

The talk this weekend,was of course, the wedding. And the hats. Oh my! Do you think this will become the new fashion trend? Or is our style too casual to make room for accessories such as this? My prediction is that we will be wearing more hats- but they will be more casual to fit in with our busy lifestyles. I'm thinking we will be seeing fun wool hats and berets this fall. But I probably won't be wearing this to the grocery store:

 I felt this was a little severe (and by the way: smile Victoria! You are married to David Beckham, for goodness sake!)

 A few of my favorites:
 I thought Carole Middleton looked beautiful and elegant, just as the mother of the bride should look.

 Love the drama of the feathers- but still elegant- nice vintage look to this one.

 This is just classic, understated and perfect. This is one I think I'd actually wear! (If I were invited to a Royal Wedding, that is. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail....)

Winning combination of flower and feather in understated beige- also very classic looking.

 My favorite was this pink hat worn by Princess Letizia- just beautiful.

And speaking of beautiful, I don't think Walt Disney himself could have come up with a more perfect looking Prince and Princess....

A true fairy tale day.....
And now back to real life! Off to work now- have a happy Monday.


  1. It was a lovely wedding and the bride and groom looked truly happy! I loved all the hats! You would look good in that pink one. :-) I will be wearing a hat or two tonight when I present my quilting program to the women of Faith Lutheran Church this evening. It's all part of the fun way that I begin the stories of my quilts and the women who made them. :-)

  2. Some of those hats were just totally ridiculous! I think the entire point was to draw attention to themselves. Oh well, I can't imagine what vast amounts of money were wasted just on clothing for that day.

    Thanks for pointing out a few descent looking hats. =)

  3. Love the pink hat! And I loved Kate's dress. I hope this will start a trend for beautiful dresses with sleeves ;-)

  4. I loved the pink hat but really didn't care much for the others. I really don't get the wearing your hat on your forehead thing? Hello? What is THAT all about? My mind couldn't grasp it. :) It did entertain me though. :)
    Kates dress looked alot like my mom's wedding dress but with a longer train, I thought it was PERFECT~So beautiful.
    Have a great week!



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