Monday, May 23, 2011

Quilt Market Photos part 3

Continuing our "tour"...
  I kind of cheated on this one! I met up with Brenda Pinnick at Market, a designer for Henry Glass Fabrics. Like me, Brenda did not have a booth at Market, and we actually met at a Meet and Greet Party hosted by Henry Glass. I did not get a photo of us together at Market, so I "borrowed" this one from Brenda's Facebook page. You should check out Brenda's site- her art is colorful and fresh and fun.

 This is me with Kari Ramsay from Fresh Cut Quilts. I got to meet Kari's 2 cute little girls, they were "modeling" clothing made from their mom's fabric- very cute! (oh I remember when my kids were young enough to let me make their clothes.....)

 Here I am at the Henry Glass booth with my design director, Harriet. You can see my Joy, Love, Peace, Noel fabric on the left. I heard that woodland creatures were a big theme throughout Market this time- I am glad to say I "represented" with my raccoons, mice, and reindeer!

While there, I got to go over the first set of strike-offs for Apple Blossom Acres. It's looking good! It will be in stores in October- your favorite quilt shop can order it now!

Today I am working on some quilt designs for the Apple Blossom Acres fabric line, and doing some sketches for my next fabric line. I have to draw people for this one. Hmmm..... usually I do animals and flowers. I think there will be a lot of "rough" sketching going on. Are you doing something creative today??


  1. I BET your critters were a big hit! They are so cute! I love all the pictures and it just seems like you had a much better time at this show then the ones in the past! I've done zero creative anything today but my mind still thinks creative so that's good!

  2. I love to find a fellow Christian blogger. I am now one of your followers.



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