Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quilt Market Photos part 2

More photos from Quilt Market. By the way- did I mention that on the way home, at the Salt Lake City airport, I got body scanned AND a pat down??? I must look kind of shady! I guess they figured out where I carry my "fat quarters"- Bwahahaha!!

 The lovely Annie Downs from Australia! She has been designing fabulous patterns and books for 16 years. Have you seen her designs- adorable! Now she has just released her first fabric line with Henry Glass, and also she has just released a really cute book with Kansas City Star. So now, we are both Henry Glass designers and Kansas City Star authors!

Another Australian designer, Helen Stubbings from Hugs n Kisses. Helen is one of my favorite people at Market- always so friendly and fun to talk to. Her sister Tracy, a long-arm quilter from Tasmania, joined Helen at Market this time. I love Helen's work- it is really beautiful!

Chelsea from Pink Fig Design also designs for Henry Glass. If you like sewing children's clothing, you will definitely want to check out Chelsea's pattern line.

I still have more photos to show you next week. So glad hubby was there with his camera, because I always forget to take pictures!

Tonight I am going to my sister-in-law's nursing school graduation. She worked very hard and got excellent grades, and she did it with 3 little people at home, too! We are very proud of her!


  1. Laughing at your "fat quarters" comment! Love that you can keep your sense of humor over a situation that would have some people fuming!

  2. My mom got the pat down too! Too funny! Love all the pictures. I'm going to have to get a beginners quilting book because I'm not familiar with certain terms. Total newbie here. Like what is the difference between a quilter and a long arm quilter? I do know enough that it doesn't have anything to do with how long a persons arms are! :)
    Have fun today!

  3. was great to catch up once again, thanks for your schoolhouse help also, maybe cu in Kansas City



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