Friday, May 13, 2011

Joy, Love, Peace, Noel

 Artwork Copyright Jacquelynne Steves

My Joy, Love, Peace, Noel fabric line will be shipping to stores this month. I have been making up some projects with this line, and the more I work with it, the more I like it. The projects are quite pretty! You know how when seemingly diverse things happen at the same time, they are forever linked in your mind? I will always think of Prince William's wedding when I look at this project, because I had it on TV all day while I was working on this project (wonder that I got anything done at all....)

There is a free project sheet available on the Henry Glass Fabrics website. Free pattern for a quilt AND table runner and place mat set.

My daughter and I were shopping the after-Christmas sales back in January and I found this cool wrought iron sign. Keep in mind, this was months after I had done the artwork for the Joy, Love, Peace, Noel line. I bought it and put it away to hang up next Christmas (and forgot about it). Hubby found it in the closet, and we decided to hang it up in the door frame over the family room. As he said, we can always use a little more "peace" in the house....


  1. Your fabric line looks wonderful. Gorgeous colours and great designs. Looking forward to seeing it in the stores!!

  2. Running through my head......"love and joy come to you......"......your fabric line makes me want to go caroling! :-) Yes, peace is needed.....everywhere!



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