Friday, January 4, 2013

In The Studio Today: Wool Block of the Month (& a little kitty cat!)

Do you remember about a month ago when I confessed that I had a wool Block of the Month which I had abandoned although it was nearly done? Well, I have been diligently working on it. (Sometimes it is good to post things on your blog, if for no other reason than for accountability, ha ha.) I now remember why I had stopped working on it.... I had gotten to the point where I had to trim up all of the blocks and sew them together before I could continue... and I was frankly scared that I would make a mistake and mess up all of the work I had done so far... But if it's going to get done, I had to jump in and just do it! So a few weeks ago, I spent a Saturday working on it.

It actually came out just fine. Once all of the blocks were trimmed to the correct size (in hindsight, I probably should have done that before I appliqued them, but then I ran the risk of them stretching anyway), I laid them out and pinned them together with the edges overlapping by about 1/2". Then I sewed them together using a large zig zag stitch with black thread. I was going to sew them together by hand, but I just couldn't face that! The zig zag stitch on my machine worked out just fine.

Then it was time to prep the last block at the bottom. I am now in the process of appliqueing those pieces on. The blocks had to be pieced together because the applique pieces for that bottom block overlap the other blocks.

Once this block is done, I have to do a border for the top and the bottom. I do love sewing with wool, it's so soft and the needle just slides through like "butta." The only problem now is that instead of working with just a single block at a time, I now have an entire wool quilt on my lap to applique- it is a little unwieldy, and it gets warm! This is NOT a summertime project- so that is another incentive to get it done in the next few months....

Something else I have been working on:

I hope to get this done soon! I started it a while ago, and got side tracked (a recurring theme here!) It's a little stuffed cat. This is a prototype that I quickly put together using muslin. Some accountability would be good with this project too- make sure I finish this one, OK?

So now that the holidays are over, what projects are you dying to jump into? Something new, or something you just need to get done and out of the way?


  1. The wools in your quilt are gorgeous, really beautiful piece. I did get a wool book last year, so need to start some projects myself. I started back on a rug yesterday, figured I could finish that first and I do want to do some bunnies too, need to go through my patterns.


  2. Your wool project is beautiful! Did you know there is a group over on flickr called 'a lovely year of finishes'? They have it set up so you make monthly goals to finish something.

  3. love the wool! i have one that totally needs to be started.... oh where did the motivation go? lol

  4. I have done several block-a-month projects, and the trimming the blocks part is always my stumbling block, too. I'm always afraid I'll cut them too small, although that hasn't happened yet! Love your project - it is very pretty. It'll be a good one to stitch on in the winter months.

  5. What a gorgeous quilt. I love it. I want to touch it. I know what you mean about the cutting. I can't wait to see the kitty cat. I love those button eyes.

  6. I am determined to get my Pumpkin BOM finished!!! Just need to add borders. I found this really cool ruler that makes diamonds so will make the large border out of that....nothing simple for me:) haha!!!!
    Excited to see the kitty!!!!

  7. Wool is something that I've got on my bucket list. LOL One of these days I will start a project and probably pester you with questions! Your BOM blocks are so pretty!
    Oh, I'm loving the kitty...will you have a pattern or tutorial? (I have several kitty people that I could make 'em for!)



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