Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February Newsletter Is On It's Way! (& Giveaway Info)

I don't think it's a big secret here that I have been working on putting my newsletter in a magazine format... I've only mentioned it, like, a million times (sorry....) But, it's finally going out tomorrow! Here is the cover for our first ever magazine-format issue:

Back in November I asked for your opinions and feedback regarding the newsletter. There are several reasons I wanted to do the newsletter in this new format: 

1) I wanted it to be prettier and easier to read than the email version. You will be able to flip through the pages, instead of scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.... and scrolling down some more as you must do with the email version. 

2) I wanted to be able to put most of the content in one place so that you don't have to click outside the email for patterns, recipes, etc. In the magazine, almost everything is included. (You will still be able to click from the magazine to various links.... but these are "extras," not links that are necessary to use the content of the magazine.)

3) I wanted to be able to fit more content into each issue. With the magazine, I can include more step-by-step photos for projects & recipes which I can't do with the email version.

4) With the magazine format, it will be much easier for you to save and print out the parts of the issue that you want to keep (for example, projects and recipes). See below for a more detailed explanation of that.

5) I just wanted an excuse to design a pretty cover for every issue :)

For this issue- we have done both versions (the email version as in the past, and the new magazine version.) When you get your email, at the very top you will have the option of clicking over to the magazine, or just scrolling down and reading it within your email. Most of the content is the same. I hope you will look at both versions and tell me which one you like best (and I am REALLY hoping you like the magazine...)

Some of you had mentioned back in November that you like to get the email so you can hold onto it and read it later. Even if we do the magazine, you will ALWAYS get an email to let you know that the issue has been released, and then with just one click you can read the magazine. And the link to the issue will be good forever- so you can put all of those emails in a file and refer to them whenever you want. You will also have the option of downloading the issue as a PDF, so you can store it on your computer for future reference if you would like. Finally, you can print selected pages from your PDF- for example, if there is a recipe that you want to print out to use, you can print out just that page. And even though the page will be in color, you can choose to print in gray scale (black & white) so you don't use up your valuable colored ink (when you print, just go to your "printer properties" and select gray scale and you are good to go.)

I think that all-in-all, this is going to make the newsletter much more user-friendly and attractive.

If you are not subscribed yet (it's FREE), just click here. The newsletter comes out about 7 times per year and is filled with projects, recipes, and inspiration. (And I won't bother you with any other emails other than the newsletter- I hate a full inbox just like you do!) You can see previous issues here.

If you have any questions or comments, you can ask in the comment section below, or email me.

Finally, don't forget about the giveaway going on at Hopeful Threads- enter to win my Happy Town fabric!

AND, check out my interview at the Henry Glass blog.


  1. I love that fabric, it is so cute. I need to get going on a design idea for the new baby quilt, time to get back into quilting. I look forward to the newsletter, always inspirational.


  2. Thanks, Debbie! I am pretty pleased with this one...

  3. I'm looking forward to your newsletter Jacquelynne. I love the idea of flipping the page instead of scrolling.

  4. Hi Jacquelynne. I love getting your newsletter and I am looking forward to seeing the new one. It sounds very interesting.I love your receipes and the free projects you add in there.Thank you so much for sharing all of it.

  5. How exciting!!! Now you really have me looking forward to getting online tomorrow!!!

  6. I look forward to the magazine. This is very exciting.

  7. Just took a look at your new format magazine newsletter and I have to say WOW! It is awesome, so much work must go into it! You are a very talented lady! God Bless you!

  8. I love the magazine format for your newsletter. Your daughter did a wonderful job doing the lay-out. I am going to be looking for your new fabric line too. Keep up the good work. I also enjoy reading your blog! -Paula

  9. Jacquelynne I LOVE your new magazine format! I saved the cupcake stitchery - SO CUTE!!!

  10. Thanks everyone for your nice comments :)



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