Friday, January 18, 2013

Throwback Post : Sweater Makeover

Samantha is taking a little time off from doing her usual Friday guest posts to help me put the next Newsletter together. She has also been sick this week- as have my younger daughter, my son-in-law, and almost everyone else we know! We are hoping "sick season" is over soon :)

This post originally appeared on my blog last March. I think it was also my post popular "pin" on Pinterest ever! Find an old sweater that you don't wear anymore, get out your scissors, and have some fun....

Here is a photo of a sweater that oldest daughter has had forever. It had shrunk and become too short, but she still liked the color:

We marked the center of the sweater, then carefully cut up the center of the sweater front.

We cut 2 pieces of fusible hem tape the length of the sweater front.

We fused the hem tape to the wrong side of the cut edges of the sweater, then turned them under and fused the hem down.

We sewed ribbon down the front of the fused edges, and added buttons. Voila- new spring cardigan! Won't this be cute with a pair of jeans or a summer skirt....

I wish I had taken a photo of daughter wearing this with her plain navy summer dress- it looked really adorable! This project took less than an hour, and cost just a few dollars for the ribbon and buttons. Maybe this weekend would be a good time for you to go through your closets, or some thrift shops, and find a waiting treasure?


  1. This is darling - my dd loves thrift shopping and I think of all the sweaters she has found that don't quite fit right - this is a great solution! Thank you!

    1. I always find that sweaters seem to shrink and get too short. Cardigans are so perfect for spring (which is-hopefully- right around the corner).



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