Monday, January 14, 2013

New "Happy Town" Projects

Did you enjoy our "Throwback Posts" last week? I hope you did- I spent last week sewing, and sewing, and sewing some more.... and writing.... and taking photos (lots of photos!)..... I am putting together a pattern that I hope you will really like.... no, OK, I hope you LOVE it! I will be doing this one differently than I have in the past. One thing that will be different is that instead of drawing diagrams, I took photos for every step. And the format will be different from my previous patterns.... but that is all I'm saying for now. I hope to have it done by mid-February. Many of the projects feature my newest fabric line, Happy Town.

Here is a sneak peek:
A great tote bag with lots of pockets (I don't know about you, but I love a tote with tons of pockets so I can keep my stuff organized.) This is great for kids because it's nice and roomy and they can put all of their little toys & treasures in the pockets (I am making one for myself in "grown-up" fabrics, because I think it will be great for the beach- pockets for suntan lotion, sunglasses, etc.)

Remember a couple of weeks ago I asked you to keep me accountable to finish that little stuffed kitty? Well I finished it, and she will be included in the pattern, too- and she will have a puppy dog and a bunny friend to keep her company!

There will be a couple of embroidery projects:

AND, there are TWO quilt patterns.... so this is going to be a nice-big-fat pattern. 

I am excited about this fabric line- I am donating all of my royalties for the line to Quilts for Kids. Also, Henry Glass Fabrics is sponsoring a quilt contest, with cash prizes AND the winning quilts will be displayed at Quilt Market in May. Click here for the rules. I can't wait to see all of the beautiful quilts that you make (I will be one of the judges- I am sure it's going to be hard to choose....) The great part is that all of the quilts sent in for the contest will be donated to Quilts for Kids- so please enter, and tell ALL of your quilt-y friends and guild members.

The fabric is due in shops by the end of this month. You can also pre-order it from Fat Quarter Shop, so you can have it delivered to your doorstep and get stitching right away.

So now, a couple of questions for you-
  • What features are most important to you in a pattern? What do you like or dislike in patterns that you purchase? Do you prefer paper or digital that you can download right away?
  • Do you participate in any kind of charity quilt programs or events? Do you make quilts on your own, or as part of a group?
  • Which is your favorite project shown above for my upcoming pattern?

OK sorry- that was more than a couple... I guess I'm feeling a bit "nosy" today!
Have a Marvelous Monday :)


  1. Soooo cute!

    I can only really answer your last question... I couldn't pick! I love all your creations.

    Your fabric is beautiful Jackie.
    You sure are making a lot of fabulous kids things and stuffed animals, makes me wonder what's going on over there? Might a family member be awaiting an arrival? ;) Either way, everything you create and make is wonderful AND I'm not just saying that.

    1. No, new arrivals for at least a couple of years, I think! But I am having fun making stuff for the nieces and nephews!

    2. Bet the nieces and nephews love that! I'm hoping that we will have three healthy grandchildren this year. Ronnie is due to have a boy around May 5th. Tim's oldest son is having a girl in July-The hoping part is about Karina, she just found out she is pregnant last weekend but was in the doctors yesterday fearing a miscarriage. They gave her a shot for now and she'll go back in on Friday to find out about the baby. Karina is so excited about the baby, she was pinning away on her baby Pinterest board :)

    3. Oh that is so wonderful Robin! You are really going to have a houseful at the holidays next year :) Prayers and hugs for Karina that everything goes OK.

  2. That is such a fun print and wonderful things to make with it. I do some charity quilts and would love to do more, need to practice some more. I love the bag, a nice idea for charity too, kids could keep their things in it when they are in the hospital. I like both types of patterns, but I do prefer books and paper for larger patterns and lots of good photos to show me the steps.


  3. Great idea for charity totes- I know there is a women's group in our town that collects backpacks for foster kids because they often only have a garbage bag to carry their stuff around in.

  4. I like to make quilts for Project Linus and for our children's hospital. I make some on my own and some with a weekly sit n sew group. I do like pictures showing the steps and I prefer printed patterns. My favorite of the above is the tote, it's really cute and functional.

    1. Project Linus is a great charity, too! I think it's especially fun to work in a group for charity quilts.

  5. The most important feature in patterns are clear directions and diagrams. Pictures usually add to that too:) Good for you!
    The digital patterns are instant gratification and cost less:)so I would go with that:) Plus I can get started right away!

    I am active in Project Linus and sometimes I quilt for Quilts Beyond Borders. With Project Linus there a few of us that get together once a month have lunch and then crochet. I quilt donated tops on the longarm at home for them.

    I LOVE the kitty!!!!! I have a few of my own and would love to make it for the grand daughter:)

    Any more questions to help you out??

  6. No more questions for today, Lou! I appreciate your input :)

  7. I love the tote and the idea of making them for foster kids. I do quilt for Quilts for Kids as well as the hospital where my daughter works in pediatrics. I prefer paper patterns that arent made in a hurry and fully explain step by step with pictures and diagrams. As long as it is put together well. I like paper but usually go for the instant fix of downloading :)
    It is very generous of you to donate all your royalties. I know they are probably pretty thrilled!
    Think I answered them all! PS I hate word verification :( old eyes just have a hard time with them!

    1. I hate the word verification, too, Kate! For a long time I did not have to use it because the spam filter caught most of the spam comments- but then the filter stopped working for some reason and I had up to 15 spam comments posting on my blog everyday. If anyone has any idea why the filter would suddenly stop working and if there is a remedy, I would love to know. I would love to get rid of the word verification. I agree- it's a pain!

  8. My favorite is the tote. I am a bag/purse freak. I love it.

    The most important part of a pattern are the directions. I like more instead of less and they have to be clear. I have had to write to pattern makers to clear up things I didn't understand. I have one "easy" jacket that is still unfinished because i couldn't understand their directions. I even took it to Joann's and three accomplished sewers couldn't figure it out. I've been sewing 40 years. Very annoying.

    I like paper patterns that are full size. I despise having to enlarge patterns.

    1. I agree it's a pain having to enlarge the patterns- I try to make mine full size unless there is absolutely no way to fit them on a page. This means that sometimes you might have to do some piecing (for example, if the pattern is large it might come on 2 or more sheets, and you would have to tape them together before use.) How does everyone feel about that?



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