Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Throwback Post: Groundhog Wranglin'

This post originally appeared on my blog in 2008. These guys are kind of cute..... kind of...

Seems we have a bit of a groundhog (aka woodchuck) problem. Every year, one or two set up residence on our property. Which I don't care about too much, except if they try to burrow somewhere they shouldn't, like our barn. Or when the dog corners one and refuses to leave it be. Today, the dog cornered this baby on the tire of my car.

A couple of years ago, she chased one up in a tree. Groundhogs make a funny clicking noise when threatened, and have some pretty wicked claws and teeth. But they are very shy and not dangerous unless they are cornered (which, as I mentioned, my dog likes to do.)

When we can, we use a rake to push the cornered creature into a trashcan, and then we enter him in our "relocation" program (which means we drive him to a field down the street and release him, then he is someone else's problem). This sport is referred to as Groundhog Wranglin'. What? You've never heard of it? Well, that there's the way we do it here in the deep South of Jersey.


  1. We have groundhog problems too. I. didn't mind too much when they were just raiding our bird feeders, but last year they absolutely destroyed our garden. We have our own groundhog relocation program in effect now.

  2. We don't have groundhogs here in London but the squirrels and foxes are a real menace. The foxes can get quite vicious if cornered which our little Yorkshire Terrier likes to do.

  3. What a funny looking creature. It looks like it should be from Narnia and talk.

  4. That is funny. We had something, but i think it was a woodchuck. He lived in the thickets behind the garden, and didn't bother me, so he stayed.


  5. Good thing I don't have those here in Florida, my dogs would do more than just corner the poor thing.

  6. I never knew they could climb trees.
    He is kinda cute.



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